THE CLUB was born from the desire to Metropolitan to create a high-performance sports brand. Our mission is that our garments are one more piece in your day to day life and that they enhance the best version of you.

Our collections are the result of the combination of the latest technology, the most innovative sustainable fabrics and the knowledge of the greatest fitness experts. Each product has the functional characteristics necessary to improve performance as well as the comfort required for each movement.

Made in Europe

We design in Barcelona and produce in Portugal

We are proud to manufacture all our garments exclusively in Europe. We are committed to local production, which allows us to have a closer relationship with manufacturers, reduce the environmental impact of our garments and ensure the highest quality of our products.


Technology and Innovation

For us, our garments have an exceptional value and we strive to transmit it in each product. Discover our collection and let yourself be surprised by the quality of our fabrics. We pursue excellence and have high quality standards that incorporate the most innovative and durable fabrics.

Sustainable production

Limited and timeless collections

Each of the decisions we make seeks to maintain a respectful relationship with the environment. In addition, we work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure that they, too, meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.


Tested by experts

Our garments are designed by and for athletes. Metropolitan sports technicians collaborate closely with the design department in the development of each collection and in the subsequent testing to guarantee the quality of each product.